''Nature'' Academy continues the training of students

''Nature'' Academy continues the training of students

At the end of last week, students were trained as part of the ''Nature'' Academy initiative under the ''Life for Lesser Kestrel''  LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project.

As part of the training, students visited the Center for Breeding Birds of Prey, located on the outskirts of Burgas.

There, the future veterinarians from the Trakia University received knowledge on breeding different species of birds of prey. Under the guidance of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center veterinarians, they participated in a preventive examination of the Center's residents, then dewormed and took care of their nails and beaks, and cleaned and disinfected the premises where the animals are kept.

In addition, the young people learned how the breeding of protected species is regulated by the Biodiversity Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as by the EU CITES Convention regulating trade in protected species, and what are the requirements for breeding such species under the force of the Veterinary Activity Act and the Animal Protection Act.

The owner of the Center, Plamen Paskalev, a longtime volunteer and friend of the Green Balkans exchanged with those present, including part of the team of the "Reintroduction of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria" project, funded by Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and  "Armeec" JSC, his experience in breeding in captivity birds in distress inhabiting the facilities.

The students who participated in the training are interns at the Green Balkans Rescue Center under the "Student Internships - Phase 2" initiative of the MES, funded by the Operational Program "Science and Education for Smart Growth", co-financed by the European Social Fund.