​National map contest “Stories, Projects and Dreams on a Map”

​National map contest “Stories, Projects and Dreams on a Map”

On the occasion of Esri Inc. 50th anniversary and the International GIS Day in Bulgaria that will be held on November 13 (Wednesday) at Sofia Hotel Balkan, ESRI Bulgaria together with its partners invite young and grown-up explorers to join the National map contest  “Stories, Projects and Dreams on a Map” and tell their stories on a map with the help of Geographic Information Systems.

During the competition, each participant will have the opportunity to create a printed or interactive map to tell the story of a topic related to a personal or community project, special experience, useful information, historical or factual data, a socially significant problem or a call for a cause.

Interactive maps combine one or more web maps, accompanied by text, photos and multimedia content, that can make any story exciting in a new, interesting and exciting way, using the universal visual language of geography.

The presented maps will be evaluated by a committee comprising proven specialists in the field of geographical information systems, GIS applications, cartography and aesthetics. The best works will be exhibited during the GIS Day conference and official cocktail, which gathers more than 600 representatives from various fields. Among the awards for the winners are: License for the world-leading GIS software Esri ArcGIS Desktop; One year unlimited access to the richest e-education center for geospatial technologies - Esri Training; Specialized atlas with modern GIS maps and more.

Both organizations and individual participants can take part in the competition and prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
Sustainable development (maps related to topics such as environment, urban development, personal or community causes, crisis management, best practices and examples of organizations' activities, etc.).
History and culture (maps for cultural events, festivals, celebrations, traditions, cultural monuments, historical sites, cities, communities, localities, etc.);
Education (maps that focus on education and learning. Stories about school, university, educational institution, course and everything that helps us develop new and useful knowledge);
Travel and tourism (known and unknown places, roads, sights and experiences related to the beauty of our country).

The winners of the "Stories, projects and dreams on the map" competition will be announced on November 13, 2019, when the World GIS Day in Bulgaria will be held at the Balkan Hotel Sofia, as well as on the Esri Bulgaria website and Facebook page.
Esri is the official initiator and organizer of the World GIS Day, the company has provided scientific excellence, innovative technologies and powerful tools, making geographic information systems an accessible and useful tool for more effective deployment of ideas, plans and projects for over 50 years. GIS technologies help us better understand the events and interconnections between objects in the world around us, thus facilitating the identification of existing problems and providing appropriate means for informed decision making.

About ESRI
ESRI Inc. is a global pioneer and leader with 50 years of experience in the development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which function as an integral part of almost every type of organization. Founded by Jack Dangermond and his wife Laura in 1969, today ESRI Inc. has 3,000 highly qualified professionals, 80 representative offices and customers in over 200 countries worldwide. 24,000 public institutions and more than 400,000 companies worldwide use ESRI GIS software. The ESRI GIS platform has been recognized as a GIS standard by a number of leading organizations, including NATO, the European Environment Agency, European Commission structures and more. More information at:
About ESRI Bulgaria
ESRI Bulgaria, established in 1995, is the exclusive representative of ESRI Inc. for the country. ESRI Bulgaria is a leader in the field of GIS on the Bulgarian market. For more than 20 years, ESRI Bulgaria has been implementing strategic GIS projects on a national scale and in various areas of the economy, including cadastre, environment, engineering infrastructure, security, healthcare, agriculture, education and more. ESRI Bulgaria is a partner of Bulgarian universities and a member of reputable Bulgarian and international organizations. The company is the official organizer of the World GIS Day in Bulgaria. More information at:
Green Balkans is a partner of ESRI Bulgaria in celebrating World GIS Day in Bulgaria.
Source: ESRI Bulgaria