Zoo Ostrava granted us a young Griffon Vulture male

Zoo Ostrava granted us a young Griffon Vulture male

The bird is healthy and perfectly suited to fly into the wild, yet the Czech Republic has no wild population of Griffon Vultures. Our colleagues from Zoo Ostrava therefore decided to give it a chance, trusting it to Green Balkans and the Vultures Return in Bulgaria Project.

The coordinator of the Zoo programme for Griffon Vultures had decided to send Matěj to the project of Green Balkans and FWFF for restoring the species in the Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria as early as the end of last year. The young vulture was thus separated from its parents already in November 2012 and has been expecting its travel in a nearby aviary, in the company of several Egyptian Vultures and Cranes.

The adventure of Matěj in Bulgaria has begun!

Matěj was treated against parasites and marked with a standard metal ring of the Bulgarian Ornithological Central and a temporary PVC ring A13, which will help us follow his adaptation into the big group of wild Spanish vultures. He will stay in the Wildlife Rescue Centre until spring, when he will be forwarded to one of the vulture adaptation aviaries maintained in Vrachanski Balkan, Central Balkan, Sinite kamani and Kotlenska Stara planina. After that he will be released into the wild.

This is the first time Zoo Ostrava joins a direct project for preserving Griffon Vultures and our colleagues used the opportunity to visit the Wildlife Rescue Centre and the aviary for vulture adaptation in Central Balkan.
Here we were welcomed by the first snow for the year and despite the poor visibility we managed to see two of the previously released Griffon Vultures in the area. Among them was our old fellow Fredo, adopted and released by the kids from the "Bulgarsko shkolo" Educational Complex.

We are extremely grateful to our colleagues from Zoo Ostrava for their trust and belief in our restoration project and we hope that they will visit us once again!

For more information, please contact:
Elena Kmetova
Project manager of the Vultures Return in Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 885 219 557;