Young conservationists in action

Young conservationists in action


This time, the young animal lovers assisted with the release of 5 Barn owls (Tyto alba), raised at the Rescue Center. Moreover, the young conservationists demonstrated enviable knowledge related to the life of nocturnal birds of prey.

A week earlier, in the outskirts of Maglij, these kids released 2 Long-eared owls (Asio otus) and a Barn owl (Tyto alba), which had undergone successful rehabilitation at the Rescue Center.

For years, the children from 2nd High School “P.R.Slaveykov” have been friends of the animals bred in captivity at the Rescue Center. Two years ago they adopted one of the two Eagle owls – permanent patients of the Center. Traditionally, in order to raise funds needed for the adoption, the children organize “March 1st” and “Christmas” charity bazaars, and use the funds to support their favorite. Feverish preparations for the organization of the Christmas bazaar are going on now, as the youngest pupils of the school also hope to join the event.
Once again, we would like to thank the kids for their sincere enthusiasm and love for nature!