Adopt an animal

What does Adoption mean?

My name is Gruyo and I will be your guide during this virtual tour of the Adoption Program of our RescueCenter. The idea of an Adoption Program is not a novelty but it is the first time it’s been introduced for the endangered species at the Green Balkans Organization’sRescueCenter.



The word “adoption”, in this case, is not quite accurate. It attains a different meaning with our program. You would not need to take home any of our inmates. You would not need to clean after it, nor feed it, nor provide any other care as to a customary pet. This wouldn’t be practical due to a number of reasons. On the one hand, it is forbidden to breed or take care of rare or endangered species – which is, in effect, what we do at our Center – at private households. On the other hand, looking after creatures like us is not an easy task and we can create a lot of problems. What we mean by adoption is providing financial support for a particular patient of the Center over a certain period of time.

In other words, you will only be paying for our snacks whereas the volunteers at Green Balkans together with the veterinary specialists will be taking actual care of us.

Why do we need Adoption?

As you have probably guessed already reasons are mostly of financial nature. The thing is that our financial support (of me and of my fellow-inmates at the Center) is provided through donations and project funds. These are very insecure sources of money and often the volunteers at the organization share with us their own breakfast in order for us to be well fed. At the same time, our wretched family of patients at the Center grows every day and, subsequently, expenses increase as well…

Objectives of Adoption

How are you going to change things? When adopting one of us, there will be one less hungry mouth to feed. In addition, there will be more funds for “furniture” for our dwellings… and the more comfortable we feel, the more we can think about offspring… and the sooner you would see our (my, respectively) little ones in the wild nature, living free in the green meadows and mountains.

How can you adopt an animal?

In order for you to become an “adopter” you would first need to choose an inmate. To that purpose, please review the list of animals for adoption, which provides detailed information about the patients offered for adoption. You can select one or more of them and decide on the “duration” of adoption (for example, one month, several months, one year, etc.). Then, you contact us (at email: or telephone # + 359 (0)42 607741) indicating your correct mailing address. You can also come directly to visit us. Then, we will send you the adoption documents and you will become a real ADOPTER! CONGRATULATIONS!

What are the benefits for you?

The standard answer in such case is: a feeling of contentment. It all depends on one’s point of view, of course. First of all, through the act of adoption you will be providing h elp for the inmate you have selected and, thus, contribute to the preservation of the Bulgarian nature. At the same time, as an innovative initiative our Adoption Program is widely and regularly reported by the media. In this way, other people will follow your example and the small assistance will expand.

A more tangible benefit would be the special certificate you are going to receive together with a photo of the animal you have adopted as well as numerous other pleasant surprises.

A friendly gift for you will be the enormous gratitude of the team and patients at the Rescue Center and the knowledge that you will be forever a member of our big family.