We have just released the last Griffon Vulture for 2012 – Spartacus!

We have just released the last Griffon Vulture for 2012 – Spartacus!

Thanks to Unitemp Ltd some 50 children from “Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodi” Secondar School, Voivodinovo also took part in the release.

Spartacus is a four-year-old female Griffon Vulture from Spain, which arrived to Bulgaria in June 2011, thanks to the Spanish organization GREFA. She was marked with PVC ring and wing-tags K2U and accommodated in the vulture adaptation aviary in Central Balkan. On May 17th 2012 the bird was fitted with a radio-transmitter and a day later she was released into the wild. K2U was doing great until she landed in a private yard in the village of Manolovo and could not take off. Worried, the team of Green Balkans caught her and transported her to the Wildlife Rescue Centre, where she surprised everyone with great appetite and high spirit. Once our experts examined the bird and found no problems, she was returned to the adaptation aviary at Central Balkan.

K2U is now ready to try freedom for a second time. She has now higher chances as she managed to touch and move people, who became her adopters. God-father of Spartacus is Unitemp Ltd – a company specialized in meat distribution for the industry, which established the first in Bulgaria plant for fresh meat at industrial capacities.

After we released Spartacus we tagged the young vulture which arrived from Frankfurt on October 24th 2012. She will now carry PCV ring and wing-tags K3A.

Thanks to Unitmep Ltd after the vulture adventure the kids had the chance to visit the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Green Balkans – Stara Zagora. Here they got introduced to the other vulture species and learnt more on caring for animals and birds in order to avoid them ending up at the Rescue Centre.

We would like to thank Unitemp Ltd. With the adoption of Spartacus and supplying food for the vultures of Central Balkan, Unitemp Ltd proves their responsible and highly engaged policy towards nature conservation and makes them a part of the historic return of vultures.

For more information please contact:
Elena Kmetova – project coordinator –, phone: +359 885 219 557