Vrachanski Balkan - again a home of Black vultures

Vrachanski Balkan - again a home of Black vultures

In September 10 Black vultures were accommodated in the adaptation aviary in Dolno ozirovo village, Vrachanski Balkan.

Decades after the extinction of the species from Bulgaria, the team of project “Bright future for the Black vulture” makes the first steps for its reintroduction. The adaptation aviary in Vrachanski Balkan is the next place predetermined for release of Griffon vultures where 10 birds were accommodated last month.

Unfortunately, only a week after this important event, a case of illegal poisoning of raptors was confirmed in Iskar gorge, including Griffon vultures. As the accident took place in a region close to the Black vulture aviary, this will probably cause delay of the release.

We sincerely hope that this tragic event will be a lesson learned for the society and that the illegal and inefficient practice of poison baits against predators will be terminated in order to compensate the damage already done!