To the volunteers ...

We take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of volunteers who over the years have contributed to the existence, work, and success of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre. We thank all the people who participated in the construction and maintenance of the base of the Centre, in the care of the animals, the admission of patients, and their first aid. Without the network of volunteers of the Rescue Centre, its activity would not be possible! Many of the people who help and assist us on a daily basis are not represented here, despite their great contribution to our work.
Darina Eneva

Darina Eneva

Ivanka Licheva – Veterinary doctor, external consultaht

Vanya, as we all call her, iwas a veterinarian, responsible for the reanimation section and the nursery room in the WRBC and naw she's external veterinarian consultant.
She coordinates the rehabiliattion and raising of the injured feathered and hairy patients of the Center. On the other hand she is  the main doctor, mastering the young veterinarians, who has chosen the wildlife veterinary medicine as their vocation.

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Darren Weeks

Darren is a "new Bulgarian." He was previously a citizen of England and now of Bulgaria. Darren and his wife Nikki contacted us years ago for the first time, saving a wounded owl they had found near their home. Since then Darren has become one of the most active volunteers of the Rescue Center. Dedicated and responsible and not afraid of hard work he has taken a worthy place in our team 5 years.
As part of the project "Reintroduction of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria" he was responsible for the breeding pairs of Saker Falcons in the center, and it largely depends on him as to whether they will fly again in the sky over Bulgaria.

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