Visiting the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University

Visiting the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University

Volunteers are the most important unit of any NGO. We, from Green Balkans, are no exception to this rule.

Our organization, which was created more than 30 years ago by volunteers, and to this day, to a large extent, relies on them.

Therefore, it is important for us to attract more young people by telling them about the environmental initiatives and our work.

This led us to the courtyard of the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University. Because where, if not there, can we look for our future like-minded people!

Helpers in the pleasant task of our team were the buzzards Misho and Hari, as well as the tawny owl Chara from the Rescue Center of Green Balkans - birds with permanent disabilities who help us during all our presentations.

And the reason we were there was an invitation from the management of the educational institution for an event organized especially for the freshmen. An event to introduce them to the opportunities for volunteering and involvement in various initiatives inside and outside the faculty building.