Vet Cares


Every day many wild animals all around the world become victim of: road traffic, electricity transfer network, poaching, poison baits, decrease of their natural habitats and food, destruction of their nests, collection of eggs and chicks and many other circumstances.

Such animals in our country are brought to the only Wildlife Rescue Centre in Bulgaria, established by “Green Balkans” NGO.
Every day the vet specialists of the Centre take care of the animals brought in distress by different reasons and fight for their lives. Better part of the patients taken to the Rescue Centre are in very bad condition due to shooting or stabbing wounds, scratches, fractures of different bones, electrocution trauma, many parasites, exhaustion, falling off nests or parents loss, poisoning or oil spills.

After transportation of the patients to Stara Zagora, the vets react on time and give adequate first aid depending on the specific case. Daily the vets make many manipulations like checks, X-ray diagnosis, clinical and laboratory tests, daily cares and make important decisions about the patients’ lives. In some cases the process of healing and rehabilitation can take up to 6 – 12 months. During that period depending on the case the patients can have many complications related mostly to their wild origin and the stress from falling into captivity. This additionally constraints the specialists work and complicates the stay of the patient in the rescue Centre. 
After stabilizing of their state and making decision about further actions the patients are directed to the rehabilitation areas. Bulgarian and foreign volunteers give daily cares for rehabilitation there. In most cases some animals require special cares and have specific needs. This makes the work of the vest and the volunteers a real challenge.