Two swans became our guest of necessity

Two swans became our guest of necessity


Despite the fact that swans usually endure poor weather conditions, when these are combined with massive internal parasite infestation, the organism of the bird becomes pretty challenged, up to utter exhaustion or even death. All wild birds are usually infested with parasites, but when the organism becomes weak, the immunity decreases and parasites can easily overtake. This condition can get so bad that a seemingly healthy bird without injuries would not be able to fly and even feed.

This was the reason that brought two swans, an adult and a young one to us, at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans for parasite removal, overall treatment and stabilization. The young one is coping with its first winter and arrived from Burgas pretty exhausted. It was found at the port, standing helpless at the coast. The adult arrived from the town of Elkhovo, where it just fell close to a petrol station. Who knows maybe it wanted to refill?

Swans, as patients, are quite difficult to handle. Seemingly nice, they are quite keen when approached, hiss, peck and beat their wings. This, combined with their huge size, turns their daily capture for treatment into a real adventure.

After the general therapy, the two swans were released at a suitable wetland at Stara Zagora, a traditional swan wintering site. Our team was visiting the site to observe the way our couple copes for several days after the release. It looks like they are in good condition and feed normally.
We are grateful to our colleagues Maria Andreeva from RIEW – Burgas and Ivan Kafedzhiev from RIEW – Stara Zagora for directing the birds to us, what actually saved the lives of the two swans.
Liubomila Krivoshieva – Widlife rehabilitator
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