Tiha, Syanka and Vidko – three barn owls set free

Tiha, Syanka and Vidko – three barn owls set free

They are already free. Thanks to the friends who helped them, our owls, who were exhausted by the harsh winter, recovered quickly, just on time for the beginning of the breeding season. In fact we even delayed their release, but it was for their good and we are sure that being in such a good shape they will find a mating partner very soon.

The release was made by a “hak”: a new method that we introduced several years ago and we modified a little bit because of the needs of the Rescue Center. In general we remodelled the window of the dwelling where the owls lived for the last couple of days in such a way that it could be open outwards from a distance in a quiet and smooth manner. In the evening we set the device and began waiting …

Of course nothing happened, at least not before our eyes. However on the other day we found that all three owls had flown away. We will continue to leave food for them in the name of the good old times and in order to protect them against starvation until they could orientate in the new environment.

This is the less harming method of bird release, especially for delicate creatures such as the barn owls.

We wish them success, luck, long life and we are grateful to everybody who helped.