The summer vacations at the Green Balkans Rescue Center continue

The summer vacations at the Green Balkans Rescue Center continue

Yeasterday, 40 children from the ‘Hristo Smirnenski’ primary school, Rakovski, visited the Green Balkans Rescue Center in Stara Zagora to get to know more about wildlife.

Since June is month of the saker falcon, we told everyone about the species. We took a look inside the falcons’ cages via the cameras at the Center. The saker falcon is an important European species which is protected within the European ecological network Natura 2000.

The children were enthusiastic to meet some of the Center’s permanent residents and find out more about their stories and how they came to the Center. Everyone learned about the dangers for birds and what we can do to help them.

Thank you, children, for the visit and we hope to see you soon!

Additional information:
Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network for nature conservation. More than 30% of the territory of Bulgaria falls within the scope of the network - 120 areas for the protection of wild birds and 234 areas for the protection of natural habitats.

Saker Falcon
The Saker Falcon is a globally endangered species listed as critically endangered in Bulgaria. Although it was widespread in the past, in 2018 the first active nest of the species for the last 10 years was reported. The species and its habitats are subject to protection by the Natura 2000 ecological network.

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