The stress of holiday fireworks and firecrackers can be fatal to birds

The stress of holiday fireworks and firecrackers can be fatal to birds

This is due to the New Year's fireworks and firecrackers. These stressed the birds to the point of panic from their roosts for the night and filled with fear collided with each other and power cables. Falling broken to the ground the injured birds become easy prey to the cold and vehicles.

Late at night on January 2nd Pleven counted 40 bloody corpses of birds near the bridge that leads to the neighborhood of Storgozia. Citizens were only able to save 7 of them have that had not yet been frozen or killed.

"I was struck dumb with horror! We have seen dead crows before, but this time it was something terrible. Some were pretty good and tried to escape, while others lay helpless and terrified when we tried to get them. I'll never forget the last bird we rescued. Named January Sakatko. We wondered how we could get first aid to the survivors fast enough. We decided to check one last time and then Rumen saw it! Poor guy was stuck on the ice, lying on his back and his left wing was almost cut off. I imagined what a nightmare that bird had experienced! The other crows were already dead and frozen"said Velizara, who is still caring for the rescued Crows, while looking for a way to ship them to the rescue center Green Balkans in Satara Zagora.

The saddest thing about this story is that the birds have fallen victim to our joy, carelessness or neglect. Perhaps no one wants to cause death when they party at night, but no one thought of the consequences of the huge noise created when celebrating. In other words, people don't think about our ways of entertainment being very stressful for all wildlife, and for most domesticated animals too. To most dogs, for example, the sound of firecrackers causes fear. Therefore, most cases of missing dogs each year are registered on December 31st.

Birds are highly coordinated and careful. Thousands of birds can fly in a flock without even touching. They can land and take off together without ever being hurt. They can fly thousands of miles without the need for traffic lights, traffic signs or prior regulations. The force needed for them to crash into each other causing harm shows the true extent of the nightmare they faced from the fireworks exploding around them.

In general, animals are much more sensitive to noise than us. Many of them can hear sounds that are not audible to humans. That is why our cheerful party with music and outdoor firecrackers, can be overwhelming for them. The case of the Ravens in Pleven is another example of how, ignoring the other beings with whom we share the environment, we often behave like a bull in a china shop.

Yes, someone will probably say that crows are pests in the cities and are noisy and can be aggressive. But biologists and observant people can tell you - Crows and other birds began to survive in urban areas simply because almost all large trees in the plains have been cleared and they have nowhere to nest and roost. Often the only solid and high enough trees within a radius of tens of kilometers are those in urban parks. For the same reason, Storks have for decades been forced to nest on electrical poles and chimneys, and species such as the Imperial Eagle have just started disappearing.

Now that we have forced wildlife to live alongside us, we must try to look at them with more understanding. What do I need to live in harmony? Just to be more observant and careful. Maybe in the next New Year's Eve, when you want to party you will not throw firecrackers in urban gardens and not to shoot fireworks near trees. In fact, we can do many other small gestures for wildlife and the environment in urban areas. This would not be an expression of generosity and altruism, but rather an expression of respect for life in general and in particular respect for ourselves.

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