The project

The project "For a cleaner nature" from Green Balkans has been successfully completed

At the end of November, the Green Balkans project "For a cleaner nature today, tomorrow and forever", financed by the "You and Lidl for a better life" initiative, was successfully completed.

As part of the project, a model of a stork's nest was made. The purpose of the model was to visually demonstrate the danger the birds and their young face, which use increasingly the illegally dumped garbage to make their nests.

Within the framework of the project, representatives of the Green Balkans team visited various events in a total of 28 settlements throughout the country. Using the stork's nest and a short presentation, they told over 4,000 participants, most of them children, about the problem of human waste and the consequences for animals, the planet and for people themselves.

We also held a number of educational initiatives in the Visitors' Corner of the Rescue Center, where we told more than 3,000 children and young people about the ways to protect nature and animals, how people can dispose of their waste in such a way as to keep nature as beautiful and clean as possible.