The incredible fate of an eagle saved in Bulgaria more than 13 years ago, which got a second chance in Mallorca!

The incredible fate of an eagle saved in Bulgaria more than 13 years ago, which got a second chance in Mallorca!

We are happy to share with you the amazing story of a Bonelli's eagle. A story in which man is the cause of his suffering, and the happy ending in his life! A story that intertwines traffickers, law enforcement, the judicial system and conservationists...
This is a story of the good and the evil in man!

In short, the story goes like this: in 2010 the eagle, along with another bird of the same species, was captured at the Vidin ferry checkpoint in an attempt to be taken out of the country with false documents. It was housed at the Green Balkans' Wildlife Rescue Center, where he and his brother waited for... 10 years for their fate to be decided, passing through various instances of the judicial system in our country. In 2019, the two birds were finally "released" both documentary and physical. They flew into the skies of Spain, and for the protagonist of our story, GREFA colleagues chose the island of Mallorca as their second home as part of a life program AQUILA a-LIFE for recover the species in Western Mediterranean . So, the bird, which our Spanish colleagues named Ivo, lives on the island, on which, he had even established a small, own, territory! Until last summer, when a female bird of the same species began to visit his territory often, and since October it has settled permanently within his borders!

And now, the happy ending - Spanish colleagues expect the birds to breed this spring!

This case gives us strength and confidence that even if a situation sometimes can seem hopeless, the effort is worth it. Because miracles happen, we just need to help them a little!

In this case, there are many positive characters involved, first of all, the customs officer Vyacheslav Rangelov and the Border Police, the colleagues from the Wildlife Rescue Center who detained the offender, they spared no time, energy and were at every meeting of the district court in Vidin during all these 10 years, the MoEW, NMNHS-BAS, Lazar Petrunov, who assisted in expertise, opinions and the procedure for transportation to Spain, Vidin District Prosecutor's Office, to our Spanish colleagues from GREFA

This story is indicative of how to work, as a team - or something else. But it is also indicative of how things should not happen at the level of the judiciary and the fate of living beings depends only on the persistence of a handful of people!

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