The first baby Bearded vulture for 2020 has hatched

The first baby Bearded vulture for 2020 has hatched

Yesterday the Bearded Vulture hatchling brought so much joy for the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre team. It is the first of its kind for 2020, and unlike last year, this year the Centre's Bearded Vulture pair laid one more egg. We expect it to hatch in about a week.

The first little one appeared exactly on the expected day. We had to help it get out of the shell, as his parents would do. We immediately placed it in a comfortable incubator, to warm and dry. In a few hours, it dried completely and became white and fluffy.

At only two days old, the baby is still learning to eat. It has a good appetite but does not miss the short breaks between each bite. The Rescue Center team will only take care of it for a few more days until we make sure everything goes according to plan, it will be returned to its parents.

This is the seventh hatchling of this pair - the only one in Bulgaria.

Its parents were provided to us by the European Endangered Species Program (EEP) at EAZA to gain experience in breeding these rare birds, in return we donate the little ones hatched by us for the Program. And when it reaches the age at which the young leave the nest, it will be released in one of the EEP target areas.

We would like to thank Alex Llopis from the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) for his help and guidance with the chick hatching and its raising.