The first Storks also left the Rescue Centre

The first Storks also left the Rescue Centre

So, once in the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans, they grew up under the care of the baby sitters of the baby room. Once the fluffy chicks turned into beautiful youngsters, capable of taking care of themselves, the staff of the Centre selected the best site for them – the rich in food, wide wetlands of the Zlato pole Protacted Area.

An innovative method, introduced by the staff of the Centre last year was used to release the Storks. The method, which provides for the construction of special platforms to place the birds, has proven its success. It allows for the birds to look around the site, rest and gain courage, yet, once fed up with freedom and completed their first flight, they can return to the safety of the “nest”. Of course we also left food for our favourites, something like last treat. As all other birds, released from the centre, our young Storks received special ornithological rings. Therefore if any of them is captured again (which we really wish never happens), the ring will be its passport and business card of the Centre.

We are wishing our youngsters best of luck during the long way ahead!

Baby room collaborators:

Krasen Lazarov
phone: + 359 884 15 44 85

Pavlina Nikolova
phone: + 359 884 18 66 54

Venelin Hristova
phone: + 359 885 13 88 11

For further information, please contact:
Hristina Klisurova – PR, Veterinarian
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