The first Saker Falcon egg at the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans is already a fact

The first Saker Falcon egg at the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans is already a fact

Amongst training students, bird prophylactic examinations, caring for Griffon Vulture eggs in our incubators, receiving new patients in need of treatment, preparing the vulture supplementary feeding station and participating in events... we have some more good news for you this week.

Saker Falcons Bilbo and Boryana are the first pair which laid an egg and kicked off the 2024 season.

The interesting thing about the pair is that last year they were again the first to do so.

It turns out that the end of February is an important period for the pair, as it's the second year in a row that they're having their first egg on almost the same date.

There are 14 pairs of Saker Falcons in the Wildlife and Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre this year, from which we are expecting eggs and hatchlings.

At this stage, three pairs have started copulating and as we already mentioned, Bilbo and Boryana have kicked off the season with the first laid eggs - on February 29th they laid their second one!

We hope that our falcons will rear many healthy chicks this year, which the Green Balkans team will release at the beginning of summer.

As you may know already, from last year there are two confirmed nesting pairs in the wild in Bulgaria, formed by birds hatched and released within the framework of our activities for the restoration of the species in our country!

The project "Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria" is implemented with the financial support of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and Armeec JSC.