The adventures of the Saker Falcons continue

The adventures of the Saker Falcons continue

Three of the falcons continue to amaze us with their travels, while the fourth one (Berend) has stopped sending information since mid-July, when its transmitter ceased to send coordinates.

Geri, the greatest traveler, which spent over a month close to Moscow has started her journey back to the South, probably chased by the cold weather of Eastern Europe. She came back using the same way, passing Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria and is now in Eastern Greece close to the Mediterranean Sea. We are looking forward to seeing how she is going to cross this serious obstacle, challenging all migratory birds.

Kris, who spent most of her time in Ukraine, decided on a different strategy. She went round the Black Sea along its Eastern coast, through Russia and Georgia and is now settled in Eastern Turkey, close to the Black Sea coast.

Our local Saker – Desy, which stayed in Bulgaria (around Stara Zagora and close to other Sakers, part of the captive breeding programme) is still in the area, despite several long-distance journeys around the country. The first trip was to Rusenski Lom, a site where Sakers used to nest in the past. The second trip brought the bird to the Eastern Rhodopes, where the Saker spent the night on rocks close to Studen kladenets Reservoir (Kurdzhali). The last two trips were to the Ispolin Peak in the Central Balkan Mountains.

The project “Reintroduction of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria” is a part of the Saker research and conservation programme of the Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi and is carried out by the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Green Balkans and the International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd., is financed the Central Balkans NPD and Spatia Wildlife

For more information: Dimitar Ragyov (IBER – BAS), Project Coordinator
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