The Vultures in the Rescue Center - Waiting for the Winter

The Vultures in the Rescue Center - Waiting for the Winter

The vultures at the Green Balkans Rescue Center are in excellent health. This showed the planned preventive inspection of the birds, carried out at the end of the past week.

The team of veterinarians of the Rescue Center, together with representatives of the “Bright future for the black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project, carried out a planned preventive inspection of the Black, Griffon and Egyptian vultures inhabiting the Center’s aviaries. 

The purpose of the examinations was to establish the clinical health, deworming and overall examination of the condition of the birds. Similar examinations of all permanent residents of the Rescue Center are done twice a year - in the fall, to determine the condition of the birds before the winter, and in the spring, before the coming breeding season.

The event was also attended by future veterinarians, participants in the “Student practices” project of the Ministry of Education and Science. They had the opportunity not only to observe, but also to actively participate in bird inspection and environmental improvement activities in the aviaries.

Fortunately for all the birds that passed the examination, they were in satisfactory condition. And during the work, only some cosmetic interventions were necessary, such as trimming the beak and claws.

Thus, our team is now calm that the vultures in the Center will welcome the winter in excellent health and good general condition.