The Saker Falcone returning activty

The Saker Falcone returning activty

The Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center most often is related to reanimation, clinic, aviaries, baby feeding... This, however, does not quite cover the whole range of work that we do.

For example, despite the Saker falcons raring and breeding activities in the Center we also have planty of work on the fields. It starts with the first days of the chicks into the wild and ends when the last one leaves the area of the hacks. Until this moment the field team of the “Saker falcon reintroduction in Bulgaria” project will continue feeding the birds each morning, exploring the area in search for the young sakers and supplying diverse and fresh food for each day.

16 young Saker falcons in total were released this year in the subburbs of Stara Zagora. 13 of them were hatched in the aviaries of the Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center and three of them were donated by our friends from Verein Eulen- und Greifvogelschutz Österreich.

The activities of the“Saker falcon reintroduction in Bulgaria” project, implemented by Green Balkans, are realized with the financial support of Armeec Insurance Jsc.