The Return of Species, a Short Documentary  by ECOlogica and Green Balkans

The Return of Species, a Short Documentary by ECOlogica and Green Balkans

Green Balkans and Wildlife Rescue Centre teams participated in a short film by ECOlogica.

ECOlogica is a documentary web series and cinema guide that meets the audience to organizations and their initiatives towards environmental improvement. The first three episodes of the documentary series present the work of teams with a cause for more sustainable living and working in three different aspects – urban planning, animal species, and zero waste and business.
The second episode of the web series is dedicated to the work and activities of Green Balkans for the conservation of endangered birds of prey in Bulgaria. It presents the steps that have been taken to reintroduce extinct bird species, how our daily life goes at the Rescue Centre and during our fieldwork, what challenges we face on a daily basis, and what is the motivation that inspires us to continue and develop our work for more than 30 years.

Our team was invited to the premiere of the first three episodes, which took place on 11.04.2022 at City Mark Art Center in the city of Sofia. The event was full of smiles and a positive mood. Most of the cast and crew were present.

If you missed the premiere, you can watch the episodes on the ECOlogica YouTube channel, and on the following link you can watch Episode 2:

ECOlogica ep.2 – The Return of the Species

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the ECOlogica team who are committed to our cause and help us promote our activities!