The Lesser kestrels are back in Stara Zagora!

The Lesser kestrels are back in Stara Zagora!

A few days ago, the team from the Green Balkans' Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre saw in the skies above the Centre the first three Lesser kestrels that have returned from their long journey south!

That is amazing news for us, which except great joy brings us relief as well, as these are birds part of our last year's trial.

In the end of the breeding season in 2017, from specially designed for the purpose adaptation aviaries, in the area of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre were released 39 young birds, hatched earlier in the aviaries of the Centre.

We've utilised the accumulated knowledge and experience of our colleagues from Green Balkans in Sakar, which successfully restored the population of the species in Bulgaria, after having been extinct for 50 years. But we couldn't be sure if we're going to succeed, if the place we thought was extremely fitting, the small falcons will like as well. We released them and ... waited! And a few days ago, with joy we greeted the first three returned birds!

One of which we even managed to capture on camera. Unfortunately the ring was not legible enough to be sure, but the photographed bird is most likely KVV - female bird, hatched in the Centre.

Meanwhile the Lesser kestrel pairs in the aviaries in the Centre have started laying their eggs. We already have two, but the season's just starting!