The Griffon vultures laid an egg on Christmas Eve!

The Griffon vultures laid an egg on Christmas Eve!

Usually on Christmas we are looking for our gifts under the Christmas tree, but here in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center they can be everywhere. Thus we found ourd in the Griffon vultures’ nest – a newly hatched egg!

The surveillance cameras, which are constantly monitoring the behaviour of the breeding pairs revealed that the egg was laid on Christmas Eve. The Griffon vultures from this pair proved themselves to be good parents after they hatched and raised a Griffon vulture chick.

This season started quite early for the Griffon vultures, the birds have been mating for over a month already as they were mainly building nest. Until yesterday, when the egg was laid. All the efforts are on him from now on. 

We hope that they will be as successful as they were last year and will help boost the wild population of their species with one more vulture chick!