The Green Balkans team participates in a specialized course

The Green Balkans team participates in a specialized course "Environmental Enrichment for zoo animals"

During the course organized by Sofia Zoo, in addition to zoo employees and representatives of the Green Balkans team, including interns, and students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University, representatives of Shumen Zoo and Dobrich Zoo were also present!

The lecturer of the specialized course was Michael O. Jørgensen from Bio/Zoo Information - an accredited international zoo consultant from the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums EAZA.
Topics such as Introduction to Enrichment for Zoo Animals, Planning Enrichment, Conducting Enrichment, and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Enrichment were covered during the lectures.

For its part, the team of the Rescue Center delivered an outdoor lecture to the participants of the event on the topic "Environmental enrichment for captive breeding bird species, part of programs to support wild populations". In front of the aviaries of the Saker falcon and Lesser kestrels in the zoo, we passed on our experience in breeding nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey, whose generations are released into the wild. This is a new, completely different, direction from modern zoo work, aimed at nature protection and preservation of the planet's biodiversity.

During the course, our team took in a baby stork with a broken leg. Therefore, we took the opportunity to demonstrate to the training participants first aid for a wild animal in distress!

We remind you that Green Balkans and Zoo Sofia have been partnering for several years in activities to support the population of the Egyptian vulture and the Lesser kestrel in Bulgaria, and every year birds hatched in the zoo are donated for release into the wild.