The Great Journey of the Young Imperial Eagle Musala

The Great Journey of the Young Imperial Eagle Musala

It is with great joy that we want to inform you that Musala, the young imperial eagle, released at the beginning of autumn by the Green Balkans team, successfully reached Niger on its migration path a few days ago!

You probably remember the young imperial eagle raised by foster parents at the Green Balkans Rescue Center and released at the beginning of autumn by our team in the area of ​​the Kamensky Bair National Park!

Well, the other day we received a signal from the transmitter, which indicated that he was spending his winter vacation in the African country of Niger, near the border with Nigeria.

The news is especially joyful for our team, for several reasons!

The survival of the bird unequivocally proves once again that the method of placing rescued wild chicks with foster parents at the Rescue Center works and is applicable for imperial eagles. This, in itself, is very important, since the population of the species in our country is very small and the survival of each individual is extremely important!

In this case, however, our joy is double, because a month ago, the bird's tracking device stopped transmitting right over the Mediterranean Sea. This, of course, meant to our team that the eagle was dead! And until today when the glad news reached us from the Niger region!

Probably, this place was not chosen by chance by the young bird, since the area is also a preferred wintering place of other "our" birds, such as the Lesser kestrels, released within "Life for Lesser Kestrel" LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project, implemented by the Green Balkans with the support of the LIFE program of the EU.

We wish the young eagle to return to us again in the spring, and in a few years to create a family in the nature of Bulgaria!