The "For cleaner nature today, tomorrow and forever" project, financed by Lidl Bulgaria, was presented at two events

In mid-July, two events were held under the "For cleaner nature today, tomorrow and forever" project, financed by Lidl Bulgaria.

The first one took place in the village of Lyaskovo near Stara Zagora.
More than 30 children, parents and their relatives listened with great curiosity to the Green Balkans team’s story about the activities of the Rescue Center and the rescue of wild animals.

A highlight of our presentation was the waste that humans generate and which causes the suffering of wildlife animals.

Our second visit was to the territory of the "Vitosha" Nature Park.
There we were guests at an event organized for Postbank employees. More than 200 people from all over the country attended. We talked again about human waste, the problems it creates and how by throwing our trash into nature, we are actually throwing it into our own home.

Birds that underwent a rehabilitation process at the Rescue Center flew to freedom from the hands of the participants at both events. And the scale model of a stork's nest with waste, made within the framework of the activities of the "For a cleaner nature" project of the Green Balkans and the little stork in it, entwined in sisal, clearly demonstrated to the attendees the huge problem with human waste!
The activities are implemented under the "For cleaner nature - today, tomorrow and forever" project. The present project is implemented thanks to Lidl Bulgaria's largest socially responsible initiative "You and Lidl for a better life", in partnership with the "Workshop for Civic Initiatives" Foundation and the Bulgarian Donor Forum.

Part of the photos were provided by our volunteer Ivan Kotarov, for which we thank him!