Tawny Owls Replaced the Owls at Adaptive Aviaries at Natural Park “Bulgarka”

Tawny Owls Replaced the Owls at Adaptive Aviaries at Natural Park “Bulgarka”


They are young birds, which have been brought up at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, and which were received from different regions of the country. More than a month they lived at the Centre in the company of adult Tawny owls with permanent injury, which are our patients for many years. In this way, the young birds took their first lessons in good behavior and communication.

Both the Owls and the Tawny owls will spend some time at the adaptive aviaries that have a view towards their new home - the forests of Park "Bulgarka".
They will be fed up with live mice in order to get used to catch their food, then the doors of the aviary will be opened and the birds will decide by themselves, when they are ready to leave the safe shelter and to fly towards freedom.

There was a stirring after the door of the second aviary, where the Buzzards were placed, was opened. 3 Common buzzards and 1 Long-legged Buzzard are the new inhabitants of the park, who were set free according the same method. At first, there was one Common buzzard, which was not afraid to go out of the aviary the first time it was set free, after that we put another one and the aviary was closed for a certain time while the new inhabitant got used to the neighbourhood.

This method for liberation of birds, which have been grown at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, is used for the first time. It gives additional confidence to the young birds before they set out for their new home – the wild nature.
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