Taking care of the wild Egyptian vultures continues!

Taking care of the wild Egyptian vultures continues!

In the busy summer days of the Rescue Center, when the care of our wild patients does not stop from morning to night and our team is busy receiving and treating hundreds of animals, we do not forget the birds in the field!

Because they, too, need our help to raise their wild offspring.

A few days ago, for example, we were in the region of Provadia, where we took nearly 300 kilograms of food.

We left part of it at the feeding site for Egyptian vultures near Partizani, and the rest we distributed in different freezers, where the "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" project team stores food to feed the wild pairs.

Veterinary medicine students from Trakia University, interns at the Rescue Center, also participated in the feeding.

The activity is funded by the Municipality of Prague and the Prague Zoo within the "Conservation of the Egyptian vulture in the Balkans" project.