Storks, storks, storks….

Storks, storks, storks….

Although about two weeks ago we announced the last release of white storks from the Green Balkans Rescue Center for this year, circumstances can always surprise us.

Well, that's what happened this time too. Immediately after the release, new and new young, exhausted storks began to arrive at the Center.

After a short period of stay and rehabilitation, our team decided that some of the birds could be released into the wild as early as this fall to fly south with the rest of the birds.

So, yesterday, in the company of volunteers and interns, students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University, a total of 26 storks were released into nature. 24 of them were white, but this time we also had 2 black.

A temporary home for the birds was once again the abandoned substation of the dam near the village of Opan in Stara Zagora.

We used the opportune moment and also the suitable conditions of the place to release three hedgehogs and one land turtle.