Ivaylo Klisurov - Manager

Organizing and managing the administrative aspects of the activities of the Wildlife Rescue Center; managing the implementation of project activities related to the Rescue Center; interacting actively with governmental, municipal, and non-governmental organizations at regional, national, and international level; participating actively in the staff management and the relevant operations. Read more..

Rusko Petrov - Veterinarian. Operational manager of the Rescue Center for Wild Animals;

Responsible for all things associated  with admission of patients and resuscitation.
Rusko is responsible for finding food supplies and materials for the Centre, some of which are very diverse and extremely hard to find, he has an exceptional ability to deal successfully with this task. In addition this Rusko works in the ER. As operational manager he prepares the schedule of activities at the Centre and is tasked with strictly monitoring its implementation. Thanks to him, the Center has dozens of volunteers "at hand" which had previously been hard to find. Along with these other tasks he coordinates many of the calls involving the found or injured wild animals that arrive at the Centre. And as the organizer and coordinator is just irreplaceable.

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Penyo Milev - Associate Unit Maintenance and service in the rescue center for wildlife visitors, rehabilitation and breeding areas.

Penyo has been with the Rescue Centre since the beginning of Summer 2012. His primary duties are  related to the maintenance of the Rescue Center. Including both dietary and hygiene of the animals and their accomodation and in the maintenance of the database as a whole.  Actively involved in presentations to groups of visitors at the Rescue Center and assists in examinations and other manipulations by veterinary specialists in the Center. His duties, have recently, included working with volunteers.
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Yordanka Vasileva - Coordinator Breeding programme LIFE for Lesser Kestrel LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project

Yordanka or Dancheto as she is better known, was a long term volunteer at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center.  She now works with us on the project LIFE for Lesser Kestrel LIFE19 NAT/BG/001017 project”  which was implemented with the support of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union. She is an active assistant and gentle presence in the "old base". In addition she is committed to the catering, cleaning and care of the animals.
Sometimes Dancheto saves the day by helping with transport.
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Mariela Zagorska - Accountant

Marielka has been a volunteer in the Green Balkans since her school years. She participated in a large part of our activities both in the field and in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre.
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Andreana Dicheva – Тhe Bright Future for Black Vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project assistant

Andreana is a long-time volunteer at Green Balkans and the Wildlife rescue center. Now she is a part of the team of the Center, as she is Тhe Bright Future for Black Vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project  assistant in tha Centre. On the other hand Andy, as we all call her, takes care of the birds in the Visitors sectoin as well as the birds that you can handle while visiting us – Misho, Luli and and Vladko.
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D-r Stefka Dimitrova

Dr. Dimitrova is part of the veterinary physicians team of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre. She works in the clinic and reanimation, being responsible for the incoming patients and their treatment. During the spring-summer season she is also part of the nursery sector in the Centre. She's in addition in charge of the students and interns practicing with us. Read more..