Spring Bazaar

Spring Bazaar


The event was formally opened in the presence of March and Spring, including lots of songs and fun.

Traditionally, the kids had made martenitsas (twined white and red threads, symbol of spring and health, worn on March 1st), which were then offered to their classmates, parents, and teachers. What was new this year was the inclusion of two other spring holidays – March 8th and the beginning of spring, in the event. The kids had also prepared beautiful cards and other presents.

Traditionally, the bazaar is held in late February, and this is the seventh year in a row. The kids are among the Center’s adoptive parents of longest experience. They provide the funds raised through the charity events to secure the subsistence of one of the Eagle Owl pairs breeding at the Rescue Center. Our young friends get themselves informed about the state of their favorite on monthly basis and look forward the new offspring. And, when the chicks are hatched and grown up, the kids happily take part in the release event.