Science Night - GREEN in Muzeiko

Science Night - GREEN in Muzeiko

On November 25, the autumn edition Science Night - GREEN, organized by Muzeiko, took place.

The program was  “green” and interesting! Participants were Assc. Prof. Elissaveta Peneva, who presented “Code Red in the Black Sea” – the most warming of the European seas!, Ch. Asst. D-r Petar Eftimov, who take the role of a time-spacial guide and told what changes the Earth went through, taking a look back in time.
Assc. Prof. Milena Georgieva told about “Why and what’s happened on the genetic level, when we eat unhealthily”.

And our Green Balkans presentation was jointly with our Wildlife Rescue Center and colleagues from the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna in the person of expert Hristo Peshev.We introduced the technical tools we use for our conservation programs with Vultures, Saker Falcons, Lesser Kestrels and Dolphins.We peeked into the nest of the pair of Bearded Vultures at our Rescue Center through the cameras installed in them.There are more than 200 cameras installed in the base of the Rescue Center, which provide us with important information about all the birds that are with us year-round and participate in breeding programs.Hristo Peshev presented the work of the organization for the protection of Griffon and Black Vultures in the Kresna gorge.

Our surprise of the evening was the "wild ambassadors" Chara the Tawny Owl, Misho the Common Buzzard and Vladko the Buzzard.They are all permanently disabled birds that we cannot return to the wild, but have become our friends and ambassadors in educational campaigns.

Thank you for the invitation and the hospitality of Muzeiko!

Photos: Hristo Peshev

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