Saving bats, municipal officials!

Saving bats, municipal officials!

In the days between Christmas and New Year, the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center's team was on the action again!

This time we rescued bats, comfortably accommodated in a room on the seventh floor of the municipality of Stara Zagora!

Probably, during the weekend, the animals managed to pass from the attic space of the building into the uninhabited premises and thus surprise the employees of the municipality in the days after the Christmas holidays.

During our two walks, we managed to collect a total of 16 bats. After an examination in the outpatient clinic of the Center, it turned out that they looked like a little brown bat and were in excellent health. That is why the same evening the bats were comfortably placed on the roof of a residential building on the outskirts of Stara Zagora, where they can undisturbed wait for the warm spring days!