We contacted immediately EVN Dimitrovgrad, who responded with lightening speed, and they sent a car of the electricity company with equipment suitable for this case. Only a little more than an hour, after the signal had been received, the bird was saved. Fortunately, the damages caused by the noose, in which the little bird was caught, were not huge and the bird was set free.

You can hardly give an account, what a great problem could be caused by a piece of sisal, which was thrown at the illegal dumping ground out of the town or the village where you live. There are many cases of storks which are being entangled in the nest by sisal. Unfortunately, their doom is a result of the human carelessness. The sisal, which is used by people, is thrown everywhere around the populated places and out of them. Early in spring, the adult storks use it willingly to mend their old nests or to build new ones, thus making unintentionally hidden loops for their babies. After being hatched, the little storks entangle their little delicate legs in the sisal, which is made of artificial and rather enduring material. When the little stork is growing up the loop is tightening up more and more. That problem remains unseen for people until the little storks start flying out of the nest. Then the birth nest becomes a prison for the young bird, which is seized tightly in chains of sisal. The happy endings, as the story we’ve told you above, are rare. The sisal usually causes irremediable traumas to the affected limb, and very often the tight loop is the reason to make an amputation.

The Specialists Advise

Give signals as soon as possible if you notice any problem in the stork nest. The best thing to do is to search for some help from the mayor of the towns and villages to make a contact with the electricity company if the nest is on a high-voltage pylon. You can contact the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, depending in which region you are, or to call the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre – Green Balkans.
And remember, when throwing sisal at the illegal dumping ground, you become a potential agent who could cause injury or death to some stork.
You can read more about this problem here:
We are thankful to the employees of EVN Dimitrovgrad for their adequate reaction in good time. With the success of that action we show that the society, the NGOs and the business can cooperate successfully in the name of some social cause.
Hristina Klisurova