Release of ducklings in Lake Zagorka.

Release of ducklings in Lake Zagorka.

For the second year in a row, we released ducklings in Lake Zagorka.

The Mallard ducklings were hatched and raised in the Green Balkans Rescue Centre. They are the offspring of illegally kept birds confiscated after a signal. This is another case in which live birds are used as bait. Called decoy ducks, they are used to attract wild birds for shooting.

Due to the injuries they had, they were not released but were raised in the Rescue Centre and for the second year, their little ones were released on Lake Zagorka. Thus, they get the opportunity to live freely and enjoy carefree days in the lake, where the Park-hotel ‘Stara Zagora’ created wonderful conditions for their future development.

At the end of the event, 3 Common kestrels, wild orphans, raised by our couple, were released. Our pair of Common kestrels are disabled and their permanent damage does not allow them to return to the wild.