Release back into the Wild

Releasing back in nature of successfully rehabilitated patients is the most beautiful moment of the Rescue centre vets’ and volunteers’work. However before that the Rescue centre specialists have to judge very carefully which and when patients can be released.
Often in the Centre arrive animals that due to one or another reason are taken or have fallen off nests at early age. Unfortunately this isa precondition for their taming. In this case the process of keeping is hard and specific and the judgment before release back in nature is extremely difficult. Very often depending on bird species they require specific and others are migratory species so these can’t be released during the whole year and that complicates the judgment additionally. Despite all that after a series of courses of “getting wild”, feeding on live prey and flying some of our patients are ready to live in the wild. 

Before the concrete release sites are selected the specialists from the Centre coordinate the process and prepare the requireddocuments with the collaboration of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters in Stara Zagora (RIOEW - Stara Zaogra).With some species coordination with other specialists and experts from BAS or other NGOs is needed. Criteria for selection of release back in nature are species characteristics as well as existence of protected area which is precondition for protection and provides conditions for observation of the released animals during the process of adaptation to the new life conditions. All released birds are marked with special rings provided by the Bulgarian Ornithological Centre (BOC).
About 40-42% on average of all accepted patients are released back in nature.