Raivo the Black Stork is in Bulgaria on the way to its nest in Estonia

Raivo the Black Stork is in Bulgaria on the way to its nest in Estonia

Our colleagues from Kotkas Klubi (Eagle Culb) say that Raivo was a first Black Stork (ring 7014) in Estonia, who got a backpack with GPS transmitter in 2006 and this is his seventh serial migration! Raivo breeds in Lääne-Virumaa county in an artificial nest constructed back in 1991 and was at least during last four years very productive, in the nest fledged every year 3-4 juveniles. Three of his chicks were tagged also, but unfortunately no one has reached wintering area, they perished earlier.
In 2010 Raivo arrived back to nesting site too late, the nest was already occupied. Yet Raivo learnt from his mistakes and in 2011 he was the first tagged bird to arrive in Estonia.

Our colleagues state that the migration of Raivo is somehow different as others of the same species they study. Raivo migrates in autumn to Israel, spends there about four month and then, just before new year he flies ahead another 4000 km, to the very south corner of Kenya. On the back way to breeding area Raivo stoppes in Israel only for some days. During 2010/2011 winter the Raivos transmitter was out and they did not get any information over four months. But in spring the tag woke again and here Raivo is - near Chirpan!
The bird was together with 14 other Black Storks, Spoonbills, Grey and White Herons. The birds were foraging on fish along a small river at the micro-reservoir.

Raivo was seen in good health and we hope that he would successfully reach his breeding grounds. The team of Green Balkans will keep an eye on him until he leaves.

Follow Raivo live here.

The pictures used are provided by Kotkas Klubi.
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