Report on patients


If you have sent to us a wild animal in distress and need to know more about its status. What you can do at the current stage is:
Note: In view of the large numbers of inmates of one and the same species, when requesting information please specify the date this particular patient has been received at our center, from which area of Bulgaria it is and the name of the individual who has brought or sent the animal/
  • Contact us at the Rescue Center telephone numbers: +35942 607741, for Mtel +359886570053, +3590885338486 or Globul +359896662726
  • Send is a message to the Rescue Center e-mail address:
  • Or, visit us on site at the Center - CONTACTS

 No matter in what way you choose to contact us our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.
Thank you very much for your interest and concern.