Project kick-off meeting

Project kick-off meeting

The meeting involved more than 30 participants, representing institutions and organizations whose activity is directly related to the Wildlife Rescue Center. The event was attended by officials from the Ministry of Environment and Water, representatives of 12 of all 16 Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water, the Prosecutors’ Association, the Association of Parks in Bulgaria, Central Balkan National Park, Sofia Zoo, Varna Zoo, the project managers of “Vultures’ Return in Bulgaria” and “Lesser Kestrel Recovery”, as well as representatives of Gea Chelonia Foundation managing Bulgaria’s only tortoise rescue center.

The participants discussed various possible amendments to the current regulation for the functioning of the Rescue Centers, and the Biological Diversity Act, in particular the texts related to wild animals in distress. The guests considered provisional codes of action when receiving and processing signals related not only to protected species but to all wild animals in distress. The guests from Sofia and Varna zoos and Gea Chelonia Foundation presented the activities they implement as rescue centers. The managers of “Vultures’ Return in Bulgaria” and “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” projects acquainted the participants in the event with urgent action plans to be followed in cases of emergencies with any of the target species.

On the second day, the meeting took place at Green Balkans’ Rescue Center. There, the participants got closely acquainted with the work of the Center and took part in short training on how to render first aid to a wild animal in distress. All participants received first aid kits including the most essential consumables.

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