Project "For a cleaner nature" of Green Balkans - a guest at the celebration of Stara Zagora

October 5 is the day of Stara Zagora. This year, the project "For a cleaner nature" and Green Balkans was a guest at the events dedicated to the holiday.

For nearly four hours, in the park in the center of the city, our team told young and old about animals, nature and the imprint of human waste on them.

We asked questions, gave prizes to the most knowledgeable, talked about various nature protection topics and together came to the conclusion of how a person can help and not harm nature.

As always, the helper in our team's cause was the stork’s nest with models of birds in it, specially made for the purposes of the project, as well as Harry the buzzard from the Rescue Center of Green Balkans.

The activities are implemented under the "For cleaner nature - today, tomorrow and forever" project. The present project is implemented thanks to Lidl Bulgaria's largest socially responsible initiative "You and Lidl for a better life", in partnership with the "Workshop for Civic Initiatives" Foundation and the Bulgarian Donor Forum.