Prague Municipality donates to Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria!

The team of Green Balkans and Prague Municipality have signed a donation contract for the conservation activities of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria!

Thanks to the donation, the Green Balkans team will renovate the facilities at the feeding site near Provadia village - Partizani, created through previous projects with the Municipality. The fence and the electric shepherd will be renovated. We will also build a modern video surveillance system, through which we will remotely monitor site visits after the planned feedings, part of the activities under the same project.

On the other hand, we are planning to reconstruct the aviaries at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre, home to the Egyptian Vultures.

Prague Municipality and Green Balkans are long-standing partners! Over the years, a large number of patients with permanent disabilities at the Rescue Centre who cannot be released in nature have been sent to the Prague Zoo. For several years, the zoo has been giving to the Rescue Centre young, hatched Egyptian vultures hatched in its aviaries, which we release in the wild!