Prague Capital City has donated funds for preserving Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria

Prague Capital City has donated funds for preserving Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria

The donation is aiming at constructing two specialized breeding aviaries for Egyptian Vultures and a single rescue aviary for injured birds. The money is a part of the income, generated by the visitors of the Praha Zoo and will be granted for the preservation of a critically endangered species in Europe, which does not even inhabit the Czech Republic!

Furthermore, the donation comes months after a large-scale flood, which left the whole Prague under water and forced the curators of the Praha Zoo to urgently relocate many animals and birds.

Despite the natural disaster and the need of quick and costly measures, the Council of Prague found strength and will to help someone else in need - the critically endangered Egyptian Vulture.

The donation became a fact following the visit of Mr. Antonin Vaid
l - the coordinator of the Egyptian Vulture programme of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Among the tasks of Mr. Vaidl are keeping track of the availability of vultures in captivity throughout Europe, follow their genetic origin, organize their keeping and breeding, in order to support a potential programme for releasing captive-born chicks into the wild.

In April 2013, Mr. Vaidl, who is also curator of birds at the Praha Zoo, visited the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Green Balkans - Stara Zagora, as we keep a total of four Egyptian Vultures - three females and a single young male. The Balkans are a crucial link between the decreasing European population and the populations in Turkey and Asia. At the same time, the breeding pairs in Bulgaria are currently undergoing a rapid decline and the birds kept in the Centre become extremely valuable from genetic point of view. This is why Mr. Vaidl decided to encourage and support the construction of breeding aviaries and a specialized rescue aviary.

The construction of the aviaries has already begun, consulted by Mr. Vaidl himself and with the kind guidelines of Mr. Guido Ceccolini from the Italian Endangered Raptors Centre.

The donation was reviewed and supported by Zoo Praha and the Praha Capital City Council. All of them appreciated the effort and the potential of the project and granted us their trust. This not only demonstrated the good will of the decision-makers, but also represents an excellent example of how money, “generated” by the zoo animals, can be directed back to contribute nature.

We can only hope that a Bulgarian city follows the bright example of the Czech capital of Prague.

Until then, we remain extremely grateful to Mr. Antonin Vaidl, Praha Zoo, the Prague Capital City Council and all the visitors of the zoo!

For more information, please contact:
Elena Kmetova
Project manager of the Vultures Return in Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 885 219 557;