Planting trees in the Wildlife Rescue Center [

Planting trees in the Wildlife Rescue Center [


 The volunteers dug holes for about 70 saplings and planted some of them – mainly fruit trees. The rest of the saplings will be provided from a tree nursery of the State Forestry Department in Stara Zagora and will be planted during the week.

Hopefully, this afforestation will make the Center more beautiful and pleasant both for people and animals bred at the facility, and will establish a kind of a “green belt” that would isolate the Center and secure non-disturbance of birds. We also hope to attract more songbirds and other bird species to become inhabitants of the Rescue Center’s yard.

Once again we would like to thank all volunteers who took part in the afforestation action!

 Contact person: Ivan Ivanov
Tel: +359 (0) 42 60 77 41