One more baby Griffon Vulture tagged in Kotel

One more baby Griffon Vulture tagged in Kotel

One more baby Griffon Vulture tagged in Kotel

One more baby Griffon Vulture was tagged on 05.07.2017 in Kotlenska planina. Volunteers of Green Balkans, FWFF experts and interns, participating in the “Student practices” project of the Ministry of Education and Science took part in the action.

This is the second baby tagged this year, after the team marked a Griffon Vulture chick in the end of June.
Our field visit then showed that the other accessible chicks were not at a suitable age for tagging so we had to re-visit the area once again.

The fitting of individual tags if of extreme importance for vulture conservation. It allows for identification of the individual birds and following their behavior at their foraging and roosting sites, breeding colonies and movements. The direct observations and photo-traps set at the supplementary feeding sites allow for the collection of a huge database, which is crucial for the undertaking of adequate measures for vulture conservation.

We would like to remind you that the vulture colony in Kotel-Sinite kamani was restored following the long-term efforts of FWFF and Green Balkans and after more than 50 years of absence of Griffon Vulture as a nesting species (last breeding pair documented in 1971). In 2016 for the first time a total of 5 chicks fledged from the new colony, while in 2017 a total of 12 pairs were confirmed as breeding, at least 8 of them laid an egg and a minimum of 4 chicks are expected to fledge shortly. At present we have managed to tag two of them.We use the opportunity to once again thank our volunteers and interns for their help and kind cooperation!

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