The Griffon Vulture Chick is Now with its Parents

A week after hatching, the Griffon Vulture is with its parents in the nest. After being hatched in the incubator of the Green Balkans' Wildlife Rescue Center and raised there for a week, the Griffon Vulture has now been returned to its parents'nest and entrusted to their care. Read more..

Students Practices in the Field

Last week, a group of veterinary students at Trakia University, participants in the MES 'Student Practices - Phase 2' project funded by the 'Science and Education for Smart Growth' Operational Programme co-financed by the European Social Fund and trainees at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre visited the Sinite Kamani Nature Park. Read more..

The Highway Vulture Made His Way Back to Freedom

Many of you probably remember the case of the Vulture on the Highway.It is about that Griffon Vulture, which between Christmas and New Year, for days on end, had chosen the Trakia highway, in its section around Chirpan, as a hunting ground.
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A second egg for the Griffon Vultures at the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center

The Griffon Vultures at the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center laid their second egg forty days after their first one appeared.
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