Vultures in the sky!

A few days ago, a team from Green Balkans together with volunteers of the organisation came back from Turkey where they had taken part in the Raptor Migration Count 2019. Read more..

The Night of Scientists in Stara Zagora

A team from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre and a team working on “NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons” project took part in the Stara Zagora’s Night of Scientists held on September 27 at the Stara Zagora Regional Library. Read more..

Parvolet in the wild!

The Griffon Vulture named Parvolet, an emblematic bird for Green Balkans and the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center, is already released and is now getting familiar with the Balkan Mountains from above, the mountain regions of Sliven and Kotel in particular. Read more..