The efforts to apply the fostering method for Egyptian vultures in the wild continue

After the unsuccessful first attempt at the end of June for placement of a two-weekly Egyptian vulture donated by the Prague Zoo in a wild nest in the Eastern Rhodopes, the BSPB and Green Balkans team did not give up on this experimental action, which is important for the recovery of the Balkan population within the LIFE project “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE” (LIFE16 NAT/BG / 000874). Read more..

The vultures Boyan and Ostrava were accomodated in their new home in the wild

The young birds arrived yesterday, as Ostrava was personally provided by the team of Ostrava zoo from the Czech Republic, where it was hatched and raised until now. The vulture Boyan arrived yesterday evening at Sofia airport with flight of Lufthansa from Riga – Latvia. The two birds are donation by the zoos, who also on their behalf covered the expenditures for the transportation of the birds to Bulgaria. Read more..