How not to migrate – the Egyptian vulture Vanya advices!

The two Egyptian vultures, released this summer in the Eastern Rhodopes by the artificial nest method started their migration in the beginning of September. One of them – Anna performed a dangerous move she, flied twice above the sea near Adrasan peninsular, but fortunately returned on the land as currently she is in Adana province. The other bird named Vanya made a dangerous flight when she was in Madzharovo, she landed on a roof of a house. The team of the project managed to capture the bird and to return it on the rocks.
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The team of Green Balkans presents the activities on the ‘Saker falcon reintroduction project in Bulgaria’ on the festival of Malko Kadievo village

On 06/09/2018 the team of the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center joined the festival of Malko Kadievo village along with the local people by personal invitation of the major of the village. We took advantage of the occasion to celebrate the successfully finished field season of the project ‘Saker falcon reintroduction in Bulgaria’, which activities take place in the area of the village.
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